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Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.

- Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

What we do

Android platform is nowadays the most popular software platform for mobile phones and tablets. It is widely used both for business purposes, as well as the broader entertainment. In the case of business applications, the mobile device can be a very important part of the whole IT system including server and Web applications.

We develop applications for Android devices in Java. We stand up to challenges, our deployments include proprietary solutions related to the automatic recognition of objects and computer-aided handwriting recognition.

Market share 85%

Network traffic generation 20%

iPhones and iPads are highly reliable solutions for mobile communication. We design and prepare applications with the latest iOS 11 in mind, taking into account all its requirements and using all its advantages.

Despite a smaller market share, it still retains great popularity and attracts a very large part of business customers.

We develop in Swift programming language. Our applications support the latest iPhone 7, as well as Apple Watch devices.

Market share 15%

Network traffic generation 35%

Our own solutions for APIs connecting mobile applications together, as well as with the central database and the administration console, set us apart from other companies developing mobile applications. We provide a ready and comprehensive product and comprehensively take care of its operation, from hosting to publishing the software in stores and automatic monitoring of the error-free operation of the application.

We have developed our own solutions that make it possible for mobile applications to quickly and efficiently communicate with our servers (usually in cloud). These are solutions based on socket connections. In addition to relational MySQL and PostgreSQL databases, if it is justified by the application use, we offer the ability to implement a graph database, e.g. based on the neo4j engine.

Our solutions are fast, flexible and tailored to users’ needs. They support as much as thousands of users per second. Even more in an adequate configuration.

We also create more or less complex CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems. We make amazing Websites that can really do much. And they are scalable.

We develop the backend of the whole system almost exclusively in Python. Why Python? You can read it here. We develop applications mostly in fast Tornado framework with applications written in Typescript (Javascript) using the "single page" method.

We build applications having in mind the facilitation of their further development and allowing for easy maintenance. Our applications are scalable and easy to expand. We can create a system with one central Web application and database, but if need be, the system can be easily scaled to a distributed system which brings together multiple applications and databases. And it makes a huge potential.

Python (Tornado)


Python (Django)







How we work

Mobile Strategy

Takes: 1-2 weeks
  • Description of strategy
  • UX workshops
  • Prioritised scope
  • Solution budget
  • Solution timeline

Solution architecture

Takes: 2-3 weeks
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes
  • Functional spec
  • Technical spec

Interface design

Takes: 2-3 weeks
  • Screenshot design
  • Graphics preparation


Takes: 8-16 weeks
  • Development
  • System integration
  • QA testing
  • Release to markets

Support & Maintenance

Takes: permanent
  • 4 years of warranty
  • Support SLA
  • OS optimisation
  • Device updates
  • Analytics

Our team

Working with Biokod has provided us with a degree of flexibility, scalability and service orientation. The team is very responsive and professional, and excels at working with our teams across borders and time zones, an important attribute for us as a company with offices in Canada and Europe. They have demonstrated real-time ownership and commitment to deliver great results for our customers.
- PAUL CEBO, CEO of Norbsoft Mobile Ltd (Canada)
Biokod Lab is providing a bespoke system for us to use for the management of our logistics and warehouse operations. We have always found Biokod Lab to be extremely professional, flexible and adaptable to our needs, while providing a methodical working practice with a resourceful approach to our requirements.
- DARREN COLLINS, Owner in East London Textiles (UK)

Contact with us

25A Slaska Street
02-472 Warsaw, Poland
10th - 11th Floor
88 Wood Street
London EC2V 7RS, United Kingdom

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