Android, iOS, Server Application, Desktop Application

A Web application with a ready-made API, mobile applications for Android and iOS, and applications running on PCs with Windows 7+ and OS X operating systems.

The functionality of the system is based on enabling the users of mobile applications (Android/iOS) to transmit special messages to users of desktop application (Windows/OS X). These messages include user-defined text messages, orders for beverages or transmitting a message asking for not disturbing for some time.

The application includes logging in, enrolment, pairing of users using special codes. The look and feel of the application is modern, yet simple and functional. The application supports the latest Apple devices: iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

Specific features:

  • our proprietary very powerful APIs integrating all components of the system,
  • pairing of users using special codes,
  • support for the latest Apple development technology - the Swift programming language,
  • modern and comfortable design.
Programming languages: Python, Java, Swift, C++ Scope of works: Interface design, Solution architecture, Mobile apps development, Desktop apps development, API development Development time: Two months