iOS, Web Application, Server Application

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The mobile application for the iOS system, used to book appointments and manage services offered by hairdressers, stylists and massage providers. Thanks to the application, customers will be able to find a person offering specific services in their area, find out about the pricing and book an appointment. Service providers themselves can define the types of services offered, their prices and length of appointments available, as well as give the customers the opportunity to select from the cosmetics they use.

The application makes it possible to conveniently manage schedules and determine dates available for reservations, as well as review the reservation history, for both customers and service providers.

Work also included preparation of an Internet application that serves the system, along with a data base and implementation on a cloud server.

In addition, we have created the administrative part, which is integrally connected with the heart of the system created by our server application. This application is a "single page" to administrate the schedules for hairdressers.

We have developed fully applications as a subcontractor of Norbsoft Mobile Ltd (Canada)

Specific features:

  • especially attractive appearance requiring the need of specially designed components,
  • use of push notifications,
  • supports two types of users: customers and service providers,
  • various service provider filters,
  • the management of schedules for hairdressers by dragging and dropping on daily schedules.
Programming languages: Swift, Python, Typescript (Javascript) Scope of works: Mobile app development, Web app development, API development Development time: Three months App Store