iOS, Android, Web Application, Server Application

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Innovative search engine which enables to search user listings by comparing the typed words. We have created a server application that supports modern neo4j graphs database, applications for Android and iOS, and the web application for this purpose.

After logging in, the users can add a listing and determine the range of searching for other listings. Listings may be static or dynamic, in the latter case, the navigating users can find a corresponding listing in the area where they currently are.

The applications include the capability to add images to the listings and to create a list of favorite users.

Specific features:

  • development of a detailed algorithm for comparing the entered listings,
  • implementation of neo4j graph database,
  • socket service connections support using WAMP library which allows live communication between the client (user) and a server (database),
  • modular design allowing for easy extension.
Programming languages: Swift, Java, Python, Javascript Scope of works: Solution architecture, User Interface design , Mobile apps development, Server application development, Web app development Development time: Four months