iOS, Android, Web Application, Server Application

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The system enabling patients to get a quick home medical visit provided by a doctor who is in the area.

Doctor24.net is an innovative solution based on geolocation, ensuring that patients get quicker assistance (up to 30 minutes after ordering) and guaranteeing doctors the effective source for visits.

Integrated online payments enable the provision of medical services in a convenient, secure, and cashless way.

Due to the developed system of reporting, invoicing, complaints, and returns, the application fully meets the criteria of software for the entity providing medical services.

Specific features:

  • a comprehensive system: mobile applications (Android, iOS) and an Internet application for patients and doctors, server part (API), extensive administration panel,
  • a comprehensive algorithm for matching the doctor to a visit – depending on described ailments, physician’s skills, likely reaction time, location, language, and other factors,
  • Integrated PayU payments,
  • promotional part – automated mailings,
  • modular design allowing for the extension of the project to other services.
Programming languages: Swift, Java, Python, Javascript/Typescript Scope of works: Solution architecture, User Interface design , Mobile apps development, Server application development, Web app development, Administration dashboard development Development time: Three months Google Play
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