Android, iOS, Web Application & Dynamic webpage

A Website, a server application with a ready-made API, mobile applications for Android and iOS.

The functionality consists of the capability to make arrangements between service providers and service users. In order to obtain the functionality, the mobile applications interact with the Web server and allow the users to use the same functionality as the Web page through a shared interface.

The application allows users to log in and enrol, which is synchronized with the Website, as well as the online preview of other users location.

Specific features:

  • the need for efficient handling of a very large load on the server and multiple users simultaneously,
  • displaying the location of users on the maps depending on their GPS location,
  • downloading the contents of the application from the Web server via a shared interface,
  • support for electronic payments, charging accounts and payments from accounts via the transferuj.pl Website,
  • support for dual-language versions in mobile applications and on the Website,
  • simple and functional user interface,
  • support for dynamic content on a Website.
Programming languages: Python, Java, Objective-C, Javascript Scope of works: Interface design, Solution architecture, Webpage development, Mobile apps development, API development Development time: Three months Webpage: www.talksinthecity.pl