Android, Web Application, Server Application

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Specialised application for the Android platform that provides access to current timetables of passenger trains throughout Poland. The work included the development of the application architecture and preparation of the whole system enabling to download the timetables of some or all carriers from the Internet. The task was to prepare such algorithms that the application could run smoothly despite very large amounts of data. The idea was also to enable its use without having to connect to the Internet.

The application uses public railway timetables and converts them to an internal format in order to facilitate the communication with applications. It includes an innovative social networking solution which allows users to "report" timely departures of trains so that other passengers can take advantage of this information, including special algorithms for predicting delays.

The project also included the preparation of a number of dedicated server applications in Python that allow downloading timetable data from the Internet with the support of user submissions and sharing information on disruptions.

It should be noted that the application is actively used by more than 2000 people, it has 120 ratings, including 83 maximum ratings of 5 stars and 36 ratings of 4 stars. Additionally, the application has had a lot of positive comments from users.

Due to changes in the timetables provided by the carriers, the user access to the application has been suspended.

Specific features:

  • downloading current timetables using special, fast algorithms from a Web application,
  • handling of messages regarding disruptions on railways,
  • the capability of reporting the departures of trains and the ongoing monitoring of reports from other users,
  • simple and functional interface which enables users to use the application on the widest range of devices.
Programming languages: Java, Python Scope of works: Mobile app development, API development