Marcin Sikora

CEO, Lead Software Developer

The founder of and the lead developer at Biokod. While studying industrial computer science at Warsaw Technical University, Faculty of Mechatronics, he carried out Internet projects and took his first steps in designing and creating mobile applications. But these were not his first steps in the field of computers, because he started in ancient eighties and nineties, when programming was still done in Basic. With flushed face, he entered listings of programs from Bajtek, the only computer magazine in Poland, to his Atari 65XE. The programs did not always want to run, so it was the first important step towards knowledge and understanding of the essence of programming.

In his spare time, which he has little, he commits to scouting. Just like he is reliable in the professional domain, so he strives to be a good brand in scouting and promote the upbringing of children and youth as good people (and at the same time smuggle as much computer knowledge as possible).

In Biokod, he deals with business development, software architecture and develops programs in Swift and Python. Well, he also keeps everything advancing forward.

Tasks: Mobile Strategy, Solution architecture, Development