Dominik Nowicki

Software Developer

Dominik likes to create, he is curious about the world and people, and he often asks, “Why?”.

As a child, he spent more time with the classic Amiga trying to write his own game in Amos, rather than playing a recognized titles. He drew graphics for his games pixel by pixel in Deluxe Paint. Soon he discovered that there is 3D graphics and it is enough to model complex shapes, and the computer will deal with drawing them. Dominik brought the visualization of a spacecraft to get a pass in “Paint” in the eighth grade. Then he became an architect and created buildings.

However, he has focused on programming for a long time. “Why?”. Because programming is a fascinating opportunity to create, test, and improve. You “can do” everything here and you do not have to wait for effects for months.

He deals with the Frontend in Biokod. With the continuous enthusiasm he programs the logic of the web application in the Typescript language and checks what the web browser displays visually.

Tasks: Development