Karol Michalski

Software Developer

One day Karol decided to learn to program. He did this every day after work in the helpdesk. From month to month he became better and his skills increased logarithmically. When he said he was ready he threw the corporation and came to Biokod.

Since he knew he wanted to tie his life to computer science. He graduated in computer science and is currently approaching the end of his IT studies with small steps. Although he did not like programming at high school, he began to delve into the secrets of writing pure code while working at Biokod, taking up the role of Android Developer.

Karol is the type of athlete. He trained MMA, boxing, started in swimming competitions, boarding. In addition to windsurfing, training in the gym, and in winter raging on snowboarding.

After hours he plays the guitar and sings in an unnamed, amateur metal band. Together with his friends he hopes that they will be able to go on stage someday.

Tasks: Development