Aleksandra Suchanecka

Ninja Software Developer

Aleksandra started her career in Biokod as a tester of quality of mobile applications. This was close to one of her interests, because, apart from preparing for her first marathon in her spare time, she also practices jujitsu and finds pleasure in throwing people during training sessions.

As a tester, she "racked” applications created by us with equal pleasure and makes a point of finding any possible errors in them (before they are delivered to the customer, of course). Thanks to her extremely precious ability to sense the feelings of the ordinary user, she provides us with very valuable comments about the comfort of using applications.

Currently, as a Software Developer Alexandra supplements the team, dealing with the programming of server applications, which are the heart of our IT systems and provide a backend, whether it's for the mobile applications themselves or just enabling to edit their content, or Web applications connecting the database and the entire system logic.

Tasks: Development, QA testing