Maciej Sady

Ninja Software Developer

Maciek’s adventure with programming always went hand in hand with electronics. A line tracking robot, made during tenth grade at the secondary technical school, was one of his first projects. It attracted great interest, which made him like creating his own projects even more. He built almost everything he came up with — from a miniature CNC printer to a flying drone. Some of his works were appreciated, which got him to finals of such contests as Technical Innovation and Invention Olympic, as well as Diversity organized by Motorola.

His equally great passion is building and flying RC aircraft models. He tries his hand in all fields, such as video streaming flights, building experimental models, and ESA.

He has been very interested in software development since he started studying IT. He can spend a lot of hours writing programs and testing how to solve various problems.

At Biokod, Maciek brings his inventor’s soul into the development of mobile applications for Android.

Tasks: Development