Marta Chludzińska

Software Analyst & Developer

Marta found her way in IT in quite an unusual way, because it was due to maternity leave. When she was not busy changing diapers and blending purées, she experimented with front-end, which turned out to be fascinating enough that she decided to change her job and her entire professional profile.

The challenge was easier because Marta’s earlier work as IT Project Manager has already gave her some insight as to what is happening “on the other side.”

After hours, Marta works on her spine and balance doing complex yoga poses and asanas, preparing for the half-marathon and longing for the moment when she will be again able to read a book other than bedtime stories.

Marta quickly went in high gear at Biokod. Apart from developing Web applications, she also supports the projects in business analysis and User Experience analysis, and she coordinates work on graphic designs.

Tasks: Development, Software analysis